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The ophthalmology gap – why should you care?

By Tom J. van Haarlem, Chief Executive Officer of VISUfarma

Eye care in Europe is fragmented; knowledge and best practices are not being leveraged to the max. Large companies cast their sales nets wide, but fall short in offering both cutting edge therapies and broad product portfolios across disease areas to health professionals and patients.  Meanwhile, start-ups are disrupting the market with breakthroughs in advanced therapies. Unfortunately, they don’t have the resources and capabilities to support a pan-European sales strategy. Welcome to the ophthalmology gap – a need for balance between innovation and distribution in Europe.

So… where do we start?
For VISUfarma, it began with two acquisitions. Back in May of 2016, VISUfarma coupled the power of Nicox SA’s international commercial operations in all five large EU countries and Visufarma SpA’s force in Italy to begin filling Europe’s market gap as a mid-sized international player with deep expertise in ophthalmic products. The secret ingredient? Pan-European reach coupled with a clear VISUfarma vision. Change is our game, and even though therapeutic innovation cannot emerge overnight, we are strengthened by our ambition and drive to improve eye health.

This week, we take the first step in introducing our solution to the US. For the first year, we will be attending the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) conference to network with disruptive innovators in the US ophthalmic market.

We are eager to attend AAO for all it offers to its attendees. This event brings innovators, industry giants, doctors, care organizations and partnership seekers together to discuss meaningful gaps in our industry. Some big ones include:

  • Patient access to care and the latest therapies
  • Open sharing of knowledge among clinicians, businesses and patient organizations
  • Cultural competency and a global market
  • The role of social media as a power for good in ophthalmology

There is a huge amount of insight, networking and information sharing available at this year’s AAO conference. This is where it starts.

See you at AAO!

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